Riverland West Landcare - Overview


Riverland West Landcare (RWL) is now the name for what was formerly called The Riverland West Local Action Planning Association (RWLAP). Local Action Planning was initiated in 1995 in response to the growing demand and need for involvement and input from local communities into natural resource management along the River Murray. The Riverland West Local Action Planning Association (RWLAP) was one of the first LAP areas established along the River Murray, between Lock 1 to Lock 3.

swans on the riverbank

RWLAP managed a diverse range of community activities from improving ecologically sustainable horticulture and enhancing floodplains and wetlands to improving recreation facilities. RWLAP's projects, totalled more than $10 million. The Riverland West Local Action Planning (RWLAP) Association was formally established in February 1996. Instigated by a Murray-Darling Basin Commission process to trial a grassroots approach to natural resource management within the SA MDB, the RWLAP was formed in 1996 to address, in collaboration with other stakeholders, the environmental issues in the Riverland West area (Banrock station to Blanchetown). Made up of a cross-section of local community members, the committee’s principal aim was to develop and implement the RWLAP in order to meet the objectives set for the Local Action Plan area. At the RWLAP AGM in 2011 a motion was passed to change the name of the organisation to Riverland West Landcare. All of the objectives and projects from RWLAP remained after the name change to Riverland West Landcare.

It is hoped that the new name will open new opportunities and inspire more people to become involved. Riverland West Landcare provides the local community with a meaningful way to get involved in local environmental projects. It allows people to not only contribute to improving our precious River Murray, but also to learn a huge amount about their local area.

dead rivergums are nesting sites for birds