Riverland West Landcare - Overview


Riverland West Landcare (RWL)is centrally located within the South Australian part of the Murray Darling Murray Basin and incorporates the townships of Blanchetown, Cadell, Morgan and Waikerie. The Riverland West Landcare area covers approximately 276,240 ha extending on both sides of the River Murray from Lock 1 (Blanchetown) to Lock 3 (Kingston-on-Murray). Its main features are 184 km of River Murray length with a total of around 12,850 ha of floodplains.

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The total population of the Riverland West Landcare area is approximately 6,845 , with around 60 % of people living within the main townships of Waikerie, Blanchetown, Morgan or Cadell. Horticultural production is predominant, with grapes, citrus and vegetables industries employing approximately 45% while livestock / cereal farming employs almost 10% of people within the Riverland West Landcare area. In 2008 it was estimated that the Riverland West Landcare region contained approximately 16,639 ha of irrigated horticultural land, with extensive areas of dryland farming/livestock grazing areas and (163,000 ha) and pristine mallee located away from the river. Approximately 28 % of irrigated horticulture within the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin (SA MDB) is located within Riverland West Landcare’s boundaries.

dead rivergums are nesting sites for birds